The CFEC offers a wealth of resources for new moms and been-there-done-that parents looking for activities and help for their children. Check us out to learn more about breastfeeding help, classes and family workshops!


Breastfeeding Support

Nursing isn't just for newborns! When you visit the CFEC, you'll feel comfortable breastfeeding regardless of the age of your little one. The bi-monthly Breastfeeding Support Group here at the Center discusses topics from holding techniques to weaning.

Leading the gatherings (see Events for "Breastfeeding & Tongue Tie Support") is Wendy McHale, IBCLC. She also discusses eating and sleeping in our Nurturing Your Newborn class. Breastfeeding and pumping supplies are available for purchase or rental.


By carrying your little one close to the body, you create a healthier, happier baby. The close proximity of the baby enables parents to respond to ‘non-crying’ signals, which results in less frustration and stress. 

Our Tummy2Tummy workshop covers babywearing instruction, choosing the best carrier for your needs, and developmental benefits for your baby! Babywearing International of Greater Cincinnati hosts its monthly gathering immediately following the workshop. Check our Events page for upcoming sessions.



Hypnobirthing Classes

For women interested in a positive, empowering birthing experience, Hypnobirthing is the answer! It combines imagery, hypnosis, affirmations and relaxed breathing to help eliminate the fear, tension and pain often associated with labor. It is possible to achieve a birth with confidence, calm and comfort! Using hypnosis for childbirth is an increasingly popular and effective evidence-based approach due to it’s high rate of quick, comfortable, complication-free births.

An 8-week series or one-day intensive class is offered by CFEC co-founder Sharon Said and her partner Erica Konya at Bethesda North Hospital. Visit HypnobirthingCincy, or call Sharon at 513-683-6990 to learn more.