Breastfeeding Struggles: A Loss and Knowledge

You may have read recently a heartbreaking story of a mom who lost her newborn while exclusively breastfeeding. Suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome, she learned that she was not producing enough milk. Eventually, the newborn died due to lack of oxygen. In a Washington Post article and blog post that went viral, she had a warning message for exclusively breastfeeding parents. 

It might frighten mothers and fathers who plan to breastfeed, but it needn't. Being supported by a great doctor, pediatrician and lactation consultant--and the best information for your particular needs--is paramount. While nursing comes easily to many new moms, that is not always the case.

Having a great lactation consultant is so important. There are times (though rare) when moms cannot produce enough milk and it's necessary to supplement. Our resident lactation consultant, Wendy McHale, has helped numerous moms who are struggling or simply have questions about their own experiences.

We welcome families who are struggling with latch, milk production, have questions about weaning or just want to meet other moms who are breastfeeding and learn their experiences. Our Nurturing Your Newborn class and Breastfeeding Support Group meetings are excellent resources!

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