In this interactive parenting workshop learn how to “talk” to your hearing baby with American Sign Language, and how musical play lays the groundwork for speech - rhythm being the basis to language. Singing, rhythmical music games and finger-play engage both hemispheres of the brain, enhancing the development of your child’s cognitive, motor, and memory skills. And research has proven conclusively that once hearing babies are taught to sign, their brains actually become more developed! Benefits include pre-verbal communication, earlier speech development, enhanced intellectual development, earlier toilet training, and less frustration(less crying, fewer tantrums!).

  • Taught by a Music Therapist & Child Sign Language Specialist
  • Signing Safari dvd included ($15 value)
  • 6:45-8:45 @ Bethesda North Hospital
  • Cost: $50/single parent or couple; register @ 475-4500